22.Apr.14 13 hours ago

ew coachella rant ew

shut up, cal. don’t excuse them by saying, “if you I the money I would too”. that’s the god damned point. I am obviously very privileged but first off 90% of what I spend my “social” money on is earned by me and I know for a fact very few people our age, in a school like Pitzer, who make their own money would spend it on something as fucking stupid as Coachella. 

it would be fun, cal? really? wanna know what else is fun? like a bunch of things. a lot of things are fun. do they all cost $450 for tickets alone? no i really think not. I have spent my money carelessly but I am learning how to budget MYSELF, with the money I MAKE AND HAVE SAVED. the idea of parents mindlessly feeding their children money every time they ask literally makes me want to vomit. You say you’re progressive? you go to a progressive, liberal school? yeah???!??!?!?! stop abusing your privilege and don’t ever fucking go to Coachella again until you are making your own, hard earned money and are stupid enough to still spend it on Coachella. 

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